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[meditation]Download Sara's Transformation Meditations to eliminate blocks and boost your creative writing success.
  • Eliminate Writer's Block
    If your writing has slowed lately, or even stopped altogether, don't worry! Just listening to this Transformation Meditation daily will help your writing to get rolling again.
  • Writer's Meditation To Go: Meditation for Multi-Taskers
    For all of you writers who resist sitting still with your eyes closed, I have come up with the Movement Meditation. While walking or running, try listening to this positive, empowering program to get your writing flowing the way you know it should.

The downloads are MP3 files you can either listen to on your computer or download to your iPod or other portable music player. The download costs $9.99. Once you submit your payment, you will receive an email with a link to the MP3 file. Thanks to Mike Armstrong for providing the music for these audio programs.

"I couldn't get my head around the last part of the chapter, so I used your meditation. I turned it off near the end and just let my mind wander for awhile, then turned it back on for the last part of the meditation. I find when I get into that relaxed state I need some time for my inner child to chat with me before coming out of the meditation. Lo and Behold! The Muse spoke and I got it together. Whoopee!"
—Melody Kincade



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