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The Best of Good (Atria Books, 2003)

Tom Good wrote three hit songs in the 1970s, and has been living off the royalties and working as a bartender ever since. He's grounded in well-established routines with regard to his relationships, his clothes, his food and his apartment. But all of that goes out the window when Tom learns that one of his old girlfriends is a single mother with a ten-year-old son—who looks just like him...
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Second Draft of My Life (Pocket Books, 2002)

Forty-two years and five books into her life, Charlotte Dearborn is ready to start over from scratch. As a writer, she's had enough rejection to sink a ship—or at least a writing career. It's time to find a new job. Teaching elementary school sounds good. She may be giving up her dream of being a recognized novelist, but in return she'll find a stable income, job satisfaction and even love... won't she?
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The Answer Is Yes (1998; Harvest Books, 1999)

Jenny Brown has three simple wishes: to enjoy a happy marriage, to have a job she loves, and to be reunited with her birth mother. But her wishes don't seem to be coming true, until she stumbles into the Institute for Affirmation...

"[A] heartwarming tale of dreams coming true when least expected... Lewis has a gift of insight and empathy, and readers of all ages will identify with her delightful young heroine. Highly recommended." -Library Journal
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But I Love You Anyway (1996; Harvest Books, 1997)

The romantic misadventures of two sisters, Eve and Mimi, who run a copying and mailing business.

"Sara Lewis deftly explores big issues like loyalty, trust, sorrow and disappointment in sure, bright, effervescent prose." -New York Times Book Review

"Sometimes you open up a book and fall in love with the writer's voice because of its wit, its gentle charm, its powers of observation. Lewis possesses that kind of magic." -USA Today
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Heart Conditions (1994; Harvest Books, 1997)

Just after Alice Hammond's boyfriend leaves her for another woman, she discovers that she's pregnant and has to move in with her grandmother, a one-time Hollywood starlet.

"A dazzling debut from a writer with a firm grip on the ironies of everyday life." -Glamour
"Funny and assured...This journey of quiet surprises is one that we come to care about a great deal." -New Yorker
"Absolutely charming." -Boston Globe


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Trying to Smile and other stories (1992; Harvest Books, 1996)

A series of nine connected short stories, originally published in The New Yorker, Redbook, Seventeen, and The Mississippi Review.

"[Lewis's] keen sense of life's intimate everyday betrayals, and the surge of strength that can accompany their recognition...energizes and unites [these stories]." -New Yorker



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